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Free Tools, Articles and more by Find Your NET

Free Tools, Articles and more by Find Your NET

Find Your NET motto is "Never Stop Improving", and since we ask you for that, we definitely have to stay on top of everything and every now and then give you an incentive to make you do better. Below tools and downloads range in topics, uses and application. If you have an idea for a tool that might be helpful to you just let us know and we will see if we can build it for you, and anybody else who might be looking for such service. Use these tools free of charge!

Free statistics for your website

Get a visual statistical snapshot of your maids and day cares website. - This great little tool will keep your statistics on file. Enter the url for your website or a page and see the statistics for Google Page Rank, Page Speed, Alexa Ranking, Facebook Likes, Google Plus count and Tweeter mentions. You can come back once a week and recheck your website. will keep track of all this data for you so that you can compare it with the prior weeks and see the improvement of your website.

Free domain finder

Find your hair salons and health spas .com | .net | .org | .us domain. - What is the best domain? Well, there are many contributing factors to a domain value. First, it's great if the domain name is short. Three and four letter domains are impossible to get, while five and six letter domains are quite expensive. But with enough luck and research you can find a great seven to ten letter domain name that is just right for you. Secondly, try to avoid foreign contry top level domains. If your business is located in the U.S. stick to .com, .net, .org and .us. Finally, it is always useful to put your own keyword in the domain. Either your company name, your company service or at the very least the company service area. For example "annaspa", "spabyanna", or "newyorkspa". Good luck!

Search Engine Submission

Submit your website to 123 search engines, all at once. Provided by - Submit your hair salons and health spas website to 123 different search engines automatically. No need to pay anybody to do this for you, nor to go through all these website one after another. Simply enter your web address and email below and run the submission. Note to enter the correct email address, as some search engines will email you back to ensure that you actually did request this submission. Finally note that some of these search engines will come up as "submission failed". This is usually due to the geographic area where the submission is made. For example, some U.K. search engines may not accept your submission if you are located in United States. Also remember that if your maids and day cares website has a full profile listed with, the link to your website will be automatically available to search engines, as it will be hosted in multiple locations throughout our system.

Free Downloads

Feel free to download any or all of the documents below, courtesy of - Disclaimer: Files provided below are either freely redistributable documents, documents created by Find Your Net, LLC, or documents for which Find Your Net, LLC obtained a redistributable licence. These documents are not to be duplicated in any manner. By downloading these documents you hereby acknowledge that these documents are for your personal use only.

Free Brochure Printing

Print a brochure with your company information - This is a free service for brochure printing. Fill out the form below and you will be redirected to a print page for your brochure. Make sure you set up printer to have no margins. That is zero margins all around. If you have a printer that prints duplex (two sided), turn that on and it will work automatically. If not, simply print first page, and then flip it lengthwise and print it again. Free brochure printing is sponsored by Find Your Net, and is offerred to our clients prefilled with their information via the administrator.

Free Craigslist Ad HTML builder

Do you want to post hair salons and health spas ads to craigslist with style? - Sometimes people put up an image to craigslist that actually looks presentable, however the information in this ad cannot be searched for. That's not good. You need to use proper HTML instead. There is a list of specific HTML tags that you can use on CraigsList, while others cannot be used at all. Even if you have an HTML developer, he or she may not be aware of that at all. The ad below is built using clean HTML that is permitted by CraigsList. As all other tools, we will save your information for re-use in this and other sections.

Free Facebook Banner Builder

Build a banner for use with your hair salons and health spas company facebook pages - Starting a company off the ground may not be easy. A lot of people decide to start off with Facebook advertisement. For that very purpose they create facebook page of their company and put in some of the basic information into the page. I've been browsing a lot of company pages on Facebook, and one thing that I see these pages lacking is a nice banner. Facebook has a nice and clean design, and when people upload horrible, stretched out images for their company, it shows that they are not professional at all. This tool will help you build a banner that is just right for you and your company.

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Lance Beadle

Find Your Net took my vision for my health spa website and made it reality! Sebastian is very easy to work with and prompt with maintenance and changing material to keep the site fresh. You won't find an easier person to work. He is very patient and willing to go the extra step to explain the entire process, especially to one who knows very little. Sebastian made the website template in only three days and is definitely tough to beat cost wise anywhere. Keep up the great job.

Frequent Questions

How many Facebook page templates do you have?

Right now we only have one template - one matching our site design and simiplicity, while still looking great.  We might build more templates if we receive enough of requests from our clients.  So far everybody seems to satisfied with the template we provided from the get go.  If you would like to see more templates, sign in to your administrator and make a suggestion from your home tab suggestion box.

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